Getting to a trailhead, park, or recreation destination has never been easier thanks to our interactive maps. Plus, if you don't have a personal vehicle, learn more about the Village Shuttle with free service in and around the Village. 
  1. Regional Trails

    Regional Trails

    Pitkin Outside, an interactive map and app provides a full trails directory from Aspen to Basalt.

  2. Snowmass Summer Trails

    Snowmass Summer Trails

    View a printer-friendly summer trail map.

  3. Village Shuttle

    Village Shuttle

    Learn more about the free Village Shuttle for bus service in and around Snowmass Village.

  4. Winter On-Mountain Trails

    Winter On-Mountain Trails

    Download a printer-friendly map of Snowmass' on-mountain winter trails for skiing and uphilling provided by the Aspen Skiing Company.

  5. Nordic Trails

    Nordic Trails

    View a map of Snowmass Village's Nordic Trails system provided by the Aspen Snowmass Nordic Council.

  6. Browse Maps by Trail

    Browse Maps by Trail

    Are you looking for a map to a specific trailhead? Find your map by trail in our comprehensive Snowmass trails directory.