The Town of Snowmass Village is creating two major strategic plans that will shape the future of our community: the Community Connectivity Plan (CCP) and the Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Recreation (POSTR) Master Plan.

Together, these plans will aim to connect people to places and the outdoors through world-class opportunities for both local residents and visitors alike. To accomplish this, meaningful public involvement throughout the planning process is essential. You can learn more and find details on how you can get involved below:
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Watch the short video below, or visit the webpage for each project to learn more.
Community Connectivity Plan (CCP)
The Community Connectivity Plan aims to find innovative solutions to improve the transportation and safety of the community. Learn more by visiting the project page below:
Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation (POSTR)
The POSTR master plan will serve as a road map for the future parks and recreation opportunities for our Village. Learn more by visiting the project page below: