Virtual classes are professionally made videos that are interactive and available any time. Virtual classes allows participants the opportunity to get their workout in when live classes are not offered. These classes are for all levels and ability.

Body Pump

Barbell workout using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition to build strength, get lean, toned, and fit- fast. 

Body Combat

Virtual high-energy martial arts- inspired class. This class is a whole-body workout to build fitness and core strength by using non-contact full body moves. 


This is a 30-minute virtual class that exercises all muscles surrounding the core to aid in overall fitness improvement.

Les Mills Grit

HIIT series of workouts- cardio, strength, and plyometrics that are designed to work the body in different ways. This class builds cardio, endurance, and strength.


Virtual class that utilizes classic balletic training to shape and tone the muscles and build core strength. 

Body Flow

Yoga-based class that improves flexibility and core strength while reducing stress levels. Tai Chi and Pilates movements are incorporated.