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With so many miles of trails to cover, Parks and Trails relies on constant dialogue with our trail users and community partners to stay up to speed on current conditions, issues to address, and ideas the community would like to see implemented over the long-term. 

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Seasonal Trail Closures

Check our seasonal trail closures before you hit the trail.

Latest Trail Condition Updates:

Winter Grooming

Trail Condition Last Update
Brush Creek   4/30/20
Owl Creek    4/30/20
Village Way/Fox Run   4/30/20
Melton Trail   4/30/20
Aspen Nordic/Golf Course,  Not Groomed 4/30/20

Sky Mountain Park

Trail Status Condition Comments Last Update
Deadline Open Dry Down hill travel only 5/26/20
Ditchline Open Dry Respect Trail Etiquette 5/26/20
Highline Open Dry Respect Trail Etiquette 5/26/20
Lowline Open Dry Respect Social Distancing 5/26/20
Viewline Open Dry Respect Social Distancing  5/26/20

North Mesa & Rim

Trail Status Condition Comments Last Update
North Rim Open
Hikers have Right of Way 5/26/20
North Mesa Equestrian Open   Construction at Bottom 5/26/20
Seven Star Open Dry Construction at Bottom 5/26/20
South Rim Open Dry Dry. Yield to uphill traffic 5/26/20
Hawk Ridge Open Dry No Dogs on trail 5/26/20

Snowmass Mountain

Trail Status Condition Comments Last Update
Anaerobic Nightmare Closed   Closed 4/25-6/27 4/30/20
Ditch Open Dry Respect social distancing 5/26/20
Government - Burnt Mtn. Open Snow Closed 5/15-6/27 12/4/19
Government - West Open   Muddy in sections 5/26/20
Nature Trail Open Muddy Muddy in spots 5/26/20
Tom Blake Ridge Open Dry respect social distancing 5/26/20
Stark's Powerline Open Dry Yield to Hikers, respect social distancing 5/26/20
Tom Blake Closed   Closed 5/15-6/21 4/30/20
Tom Blake Equestrian Closed   Closed 5/15-6/21 4/30/20
Village Bound Open Muddy   5/26/20
Campground Connector Open dry   5/26/20
Discovery Climbing Trail Closed   Winter operations 4/30/20

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