Wildlife Safety

Avoiding Conflicts

In Snowmass Village you may encounter wildlife on the trail. In most situations, people and wildlife can coexist. When observing wildlife, if you change an animal's natural behavior, you are too close. Most dangerous and potentially harmful encounters occur because people fail to leave animals alone. Leave newborn wildlife alone; a parent will return.

The following wildlife tips should help foster a community culture of safety and mutual respect.

  • Never feed wildlife. Intentional or inadvertent feeding is the major cause of problems. Feeding wildlife is illegal, and a citation will be issued
  • Wildlife should not be chased, harassed, captured, or domesticated
  • Moose have been spotted recently in Snowmass and surrounding areas. Moose can be aggressive when dogs and humans get too close.
  • Dogs - both on and off-leash - can spook wildlife. Dogs should never be allowed to approach wildlife.
  • If threatened by a moose or bear, stay calm; do not run away; talk, make your presence known and slowly back off in direction you came.


If you have questions about wildlife safety, contact our Animal Services Division. Also, we recommend that you report any sightings of moose, bear, or mountain lion.