Parent & Child Aquatics

Skills include adjusting to the water environment, showing comfort while maintaining a front or back position in the water and demonstrating breath control (i.e., blowing bubbles or voluntarily fully submerging under water). Parent and Child Aquatics provides parents with information and techniques to create safer aquatic experiences for their children.

  • How to properly enter the pool
  • Blowing bubbles on the surface and with mouth and nose submerged
  • Adjusting to the water environment and showing comfort in a front or back position
  • Learning cues to go under water and breathe control
  • How and when to safely go under water
  • Submerging mouth, nose and eyes and underwater exploration
  • Swim underwater
  • Floating on the back
  • Going from tummy to back, with and without leg actions
  • Learning Safety Zones while swimming

Parents, you also learn:

  • How to properly supervise children and maintain safe behavior in, on and around the water.
  • How to hold and support your child in the water.
  • How to select and fit a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for your child.
  • Valuable water safety information to make your family safer in, on and around the water.