Preschool Aquatics I

Preschool Aquatics Level 1 is designed to orient young preschool children to the aquatic environment and to help them gain basic aquatic skills at the most rudimentary levels. It also helps children develop comfort in, on and around water with assistance. Preschool Aquatics Level 1 is the first stepping stone to developing the swimming skills and knowledge needed to be successful in and around the water.

  • Correct entry and exit techniques
  • Adjusting to the water environment and showing comfort in a front or back position
  • Bobbing and opening eyes underwater and retrieve submerged objects
  • Front and back floats and glides with assistance, with recovery to a vertical position
  • Roll from front to back and back to front with assistance
  • Arm and hand treading actions with assistance
  • Alternating and simultaneous arm and leg actions with assistance