Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Recreation (POSTR) Master Plan


Parks and recreation, spending time outdoors, incredible scenic views, and family atmosphere are all integral to life in Snowmass Village. They are the reasons why many people move here, choose to visit, or buy second homes here. The Snowmass Ski Area and the immense recreational opportunity afforded there has shaped the Town's physical form, identity and quality of life since its inception and the Town's parks, open space and trails offerings have played an increasingly important role in the recreational landscape of the Town and the region in recent decades.

The Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation Plan (POSTR Plan) is a long-range planning and implementation document to guide the future development of the parks, open space, recreation, and trails within the Town. A detailed inventory of current facilities provides a snapshot of what exists today and how those resources are serving the present-day population. Analysis of those resources, coupled with current trends and desires, reveals opportunities that may improve service levels and the ability of the Town to recapture the costs of providing outstanding facilities and programs to its residents. Lastly, the POSTR Plan includes goals, recommendations and guidelines that articulate the community's priorities and can guide decision-makers to invest in projects that meet the community's vision for parks, open space, trails and recreation in Snowmass Village.

Read each individual chapter by clicking the images below, or download the Complete POSTR Plan (PDF).

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Understanding Current Conditions
Chapter 3: Recreation Means Business
Chapter 4: Envisioning the Future
Chatper 5: Master Plan Projects and Recommendations
Chapter 6: POSTR Standards
Chapter 7: Making it Happen

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