Permits & Rentals

The Town of Snowmass Village requires user groups to apply for a permit when commercial or private activities are proposed on Town Resources. The following programs were designed to help minimize impacts to parks, trails, natural, and cultural resources and preserve the quality of the resident and visitor experience alike. Please review each permit to determine which one is the best fit.

No person shall use any public park, open space or trail for business purposes, and no business of any kind shall be carried on except with the necessary permits/licenses and as reviewed by the Parks Recreation & Trail Department and/or Special Event Committee.

Parks and Trails not being used for business /Event purposes may be used without a reservation on a first come, first served basis. Reservation or permit should be made to ensure availability.

Recreation Program Permit -

Is required for commercial operators, including for-profits and non-profits, conducting group activities on Town of Snowmass Village Parks & Trails regardless of group size. Some examples include: races, environmental education, dog walking and training, summer camps, biking classes, fitness classes and commercial filming.

Special Event Permit -

In general, any event or activity involving the use of the following may require a special event permit:

  • Public property or facilities
  • Town Parks and/or Trails
  • Sidewalks, roads, and public right of way
  • Temporary use of private property that varies from its current land use.
  • Town resources or staff assistance
  • Public parking lots
  • Impacts on the site or surrounding area will occur (including but not limited to visual, noise, or environmental impacts)
  • Extending multiple days
  • Many attendees requiring or impacting public transit and/or public parking
  • Distributing or providing alcohol

The Town recognizes that each event is different and dynamic. None of the items above alone will necessarily generate the need for a special event permit. To determine if an event requires a complete application and operational plan, a pre-application must be submitted to the Town at least 60 days in advance. The pre-application will be reviewed 5-10 business days after submittal. The applicant must then complete all plan details and submit at least 30 days in advance of the event.

Park Rental -

Small events, such as birthday parties, can reserve Town parks and facilities by visiting the Parks, Recreation and Trails website.