Community Forestry

Our Forest

Snowmass Village sits in a valley surrounded by the White River National Forest, one of the country’s top recreation forests and one of the biggest sections of the National Forest System. With 10 peaks over 14,000 feet, and eight Wilderness areas encompassing more than 750,000 acres, the Forest is also world-renowned for its scenery. The White River National Forest provides significant habitat for deer, elk, mountain sheep, mountain goat, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, lynx, moose, raptors, waterfowl, trout, and many other species of wildlife. The National Forest Service manages the forest ensuring a balance of nature needed for air, water, plants, and animals to thrive while also protecting water resources while allowing recreationalists access.


Our landscape is so critical to maintaining the high values within our community. It's important we sustain healthy forest :
• To improve the environment by cleaning the air and water;
• To provide shade and reduce the “urban heat island” effect;
• To bring neighbors and residents together to strengthen our communities;


Tree Management

Our tree management plan is largely guided by our GIS-based tree inventory program. GIS facilitates duties to be performed and provides a structure that organizes management goals needed to achieve the many actions required such as:

  • Inspection for insect and disease
  • Tree pruning
  • Hazard tree abatement
  • Tree planting
  • And more 

Tree Diversity

Plant diversity is extremely important to the overall health and quality of the urban forest. The Colorado State Forest Service recommends that no tree species exceed 10 percent. Of the total tree population. Plant diversity is recommended, as it is a mechanism that helps to keep insect and disease outbreaks from destroying an entire tree species population in a community. Most insects and diseases are host specific, meaning they will only attack specific tree species. There are 18 tree species planted in town while aspen and blue spruce make up over 66 percent of the species found in the Town. 

Promoting a diverse tree population of native and non-native, and well adapted tree species is an important component of tree selection.  Take a look at our Suggested Tree Species List

Wildfire Mitigation

The Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District (SWFPD) has taken on the responsibility of promoting Fire Management Practices in Snowmass Village. Some funding for this program has been provided by private donors, and each year SWFPD identifies areas where brush is cleared to reduce fire potential while maintaining as much forested land as possible.