Seasonal Trail Closures

Protect Wildlife: Respect Trail Closures

The Snowmass Village Animal Services Department enforces trail closures enacted to protect sensitive wildlife habitats. Per Section 10-29: Seasonal Trail Closures of the TOSV Municipal Code, it is unlawful of any persons to use by any means the following trails during wildlife sensitive periods, as follows:

  • Anaerobic Nightmare Trail: April 25 to June 21
  • Government Trail east of Elk Camp Work Road: May 15 to June 21
  • Rim Trail North: December 1 to May 16 (dogs on leash allowed. Leash law strictly enforced)
  • Sky Mountain Park: December 1 to May 16
  • Sequel Trail: April 25 to June 21
  • Tom Blake Trail: April 25 to June 21
Review our wildlife area closures map to view these areas in our GIS portal.


Trail closures are strictly enforced by the Town's Animal Services Division, in partnership with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Wildlife monitoring cameras are in use in closed areas. 

There is a zero tolerance policy for trail closure violations and fines can reach up to $5,000.